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Geologists are to spend two months drilling 4,921 feet beneath the ocean floor of the gulf of mexico off the coast of the yucatan peninsula to obtain rock samples from the searching for life after the mass extinction:

Get Yucatan Crater Dinosaur Extinction PNG. This what the area looks like from space If you are expecting a big hole in the ground, like meteor crater in arizona, then i'm afraid you are out of luck.

Chicxulub | crater, Mexico |
Chicxulub | crater, Mexico | from
Chicxulub crater is an ancient impact crater buried underneath the yucatan peninsula, with its center located approximately underneath the town of chicxulub, yucatán, mexico. The impact would have caused a megatsunami over 100 metres (330 ft) tall that would have reached all the way to what are now texas and florida. Scientists plan to drill into the crater left by the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs.

The 26 million year cycle of impact craters is very likely an example of the reinforcement syndrome, in which.

Some 66 million years ago an asteroid crashed into the yucatán peninsula in mexico, triggering the extinction event that obliterated the dinosaurs and nearly. The great dinosaur extinction controversy (helix books). In the 1990s a meteorite crater 180 km (110 miles) across, on the seabed off the yucatán peninsula, mexico, was dated to the late cretaceous period. This groundwater, which dissolves the limestone of the the chicxulub impact event was an extraordinarily energetic event in earth history.