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Unlike any other plant eater, nigersaurus had more than 50 columns of teeth, all lined up tightly there were more than 500 teeth in total, with a new tooth in each column joining the scissors edge every month.

10+ Nigersaurus 500 Teeth Dinosaur Gif. Limit my search to r/500toothdinosaur. It was discovered in the elrhaz formation in an area called gadoufaoua, in the republic of niger.

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Its teeth (it has 600 of these) were very uniform and were it straight rows. Like two bony hair combs, the animal's chompers were arranged in broad, horizontal rows anchored onto jaws which kept all of them at the very front of its snout. This dinosaur was described by paul sereno and colleagues in 1999.

Remarkable discoveries seem to be waiting for us around every dune.

Cretaceous period about 100 million years ago a sauropod, a small one is it forbidden because of its name? Fossils of this dinosaur were first described in 1976, but it was only named nigersaurus taqueti in 1999 it had a wide muzzle filled with more than 500 teeth, which were replaced at a rapid rate nigersaurus was probably a browser, and fed with its head close to the ground. Sereno and his colleagues also found that the dinosaur's spine was more air than bone. Nigersaurus, you might remember, we named for bones collected on the last.